Roster Freezing FAQ

Roster Freezing

How a roster freezes:

  1. If you are a major team and you win a Super Nit, Select 30 Super Nit, or NABC qualifier at any point during the season, your roster is frozen.

  2. If you are a major or AAA team and you finish in the top 25% of an event after May 1, your roster will freeze.

  3. If you are a AA team and you finish in the top 50% of a tournament after May 1, your roster will freeze.

  4. Why did my team get frozen when I did not finish in the top 50% of a AA or top 25% of a AAA/Major event? If there are teams that have previously been frozen, the freeze/berth will pass down to lower teams. Teams that do not win a game in an event will not be frozen.

  5. Can I add players after my roster is frozen/qualified? Yes you can add up to three players after you are frozen but they can not be on another frozen roster in the same age group. If you are major, you may have the ability to add more than three players. Please refer to our rule book online to determine your eligibility in adding more players.

  6. Can I drop players from my frozen roster? Yes, but you can not add a player back to your frozen roster if you dropped them after you were frozen.

  7. Can players be on multiple rosters? Yes, players can be on multiple rosters during the season until rosters start to freeze. At that time, you can only be on one roster per age group. A player can still be on 2 rosters after rosters start to freeze, but they have to be different ages. Example: 8AA and 9AA would be ok for a player to be on both all year.

  8. Can a player play on two teams in the same weekend if they are different ages? NO

  9. Can a player who was frozen to a AAA team come to my AA team? No, if a player is frozen to a higher classification of equal or greater age team, he can not go down in class until August 1.

  10. This is a brief summary of questions we get asked. For a complete list of rules, go to and review our rule book.

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