Iowa USSSA Baseball offers a player a source to post credentials for teams needing a player and also a source for teams posting openings for players needing a team.

2023 Season starts August 17, 2022

Player looking for a team:  Complete and email the PLAYER NEEDING A TEAM form below and Iowa USSSA Office will post your request


Click on age button below to view players needing a team

Because USSSA is not an organizer, it does not, in any way take responsibility for the creation, management or any other activity of the teams (customers) that register to play in USSSA sanctioned leagues and/or tournaments. As such, we encourage parents of youth team participants, the adult team participants, the community organizations who are involved in the organization, creation or management of such teams to investigate and screen the background and character of the individuals who coach, manage, volunteer or otherwise come into contact with such teams and their minor participants.  Please click here for USSSA's policy on abuse and molestation.