2022 IA vs NE Battle of the Borders



April 2 - 3, 2022

8U - 14U

Holiday Park Baseball, West Des Moines, IA

James Cownie Sports Complex, Des Moines, IA

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All players participating in the 2022 Battle of the Borders will receive a Battle fo the Borders Ring.

Holiday Park Baseball

1620 Holiday Park Rd.

West Des Moines, IA

James Cownie Sports Complex

2501 SE 22nd St.

Des Moines, IA

FORMAT:  The format consist of  AAA teams with age groups 8 - 14.  Each age group will include 4 Iowa Teams and 4 Nebraska Teams .  Each Iowa team will play a round robin against the four Nebraska teams thus giving each team a 4 game guarantee.  Each team will play two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday.

USSSA NIT POINTS:  Each team will earn USSSA NIT points based on team's record.  (USSSA tie-breaking criteria will be used in case of tie).  The Battle of the Border NIT will be divided into age groups (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14).  The State with the most team wins will win the age group. States can win up to 7 age groups.  The State that wins the majority of the age groups will be awarded the Battle of the Border NIT traveling trophy.

PARTICIPATING TEAMS:  The Iowa USSSA State Office will invite the 2021 top teams from each AAA age groups to represent TEAM IOWA.  Iowa and Nebraska will offer invitations to teams using the end of the 2021 season classifications for each team.  Teams will not be penalized for being moved to a higher classification to start the 2022 season. Team selections were based on the team’s dedication with playing USSSA Baseball and finish at the 2021 USSSA State Tournament.

AWARDS:  Each player will receive a 2022 Battle of the Border Ring for representing TEAM IOWA.  The traveling trophy will be awarded to the State that wins the most age groups.

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