2021 IA vs NE Battle of the Borders

  • This Tournament will follow the USSSA Baseball rulebook with the following exceptions:

  • Time limit of 1 hour 40 minutes for all age groups.

  • A new inning will not start after the time limit has expired.

  • In the case of rain the tournament director has the discretion to change any rule that will allow the tournament to be completed.

  • Individual awards for all teams representing their State.

  • Protest fee: $100 cash (on rule interpretation only)

  • Game Time: Starting time is forfeit time.

  • Iowa will be home team Saturday.

  • Nebraska will be home team on Sunday.

  • Home team is the official book. Make sure to compare books after each inning.

  • We will count ties.

  • All teams are encouraged to warm-up as much as possible before game time.

  • NO pre-game infield!

  • Ground balls may be taken in foul territory IF ground crew is not on the field.

  • IF ground crew is on the field, teams must move their players to the outfield grass until they are finished.

  • Refund policy: If a team does not give a 30 day notice in writing, they will forfeit the entire entry fee.

    • Refund schedule:

      • No games played = Entry minus $150

      • 1 game started = Entry minus $250

      • 2nd game started = No Refund

  • All rules and game guarantees are subject to change at the discretion of tournament officials.

  • Forfeits count as a game played.

  • Teams can bat the lineup, bat 9 or bat 9 plus a EH.

  • Teams must declare which order they are going to use before the game starts and once the game starts they must continue that for the game.

  • 2020 USSSA Bat Rules will be enforced.

  • Order of Finish will be determined by: (1) Head to Head, (2) Runs allowed (vs all teams played), (3) Run Differential (Max +/- 8), (4) USSSA Points, (5) Coin Flip.

  • Once advanced to next tie breaking criteria, do not return to a previous criteria.

  • Battle of the Borders tournament strategy. Each age group will have a State winner. The State winner will be determined by which State has the most wins per age group and then by the State that wins the most age groups.

  • Pitching will be tracked. No team will be allowed to start their next game until their pitching record from previous game has been turned into site director

Battle of the Borders Rules & Refund Policy



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